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Help Fellow Fans

Tampines Arts Troupe is a non-profit registered Society since 1991 and has been registered as a Charity organization since June 2000.  Our objective is to preserve valuable Chinese classical and folk dance, Ballet and Creative dance and provide a platform for their exhibition.    


Every year we incur expenses in Administration, Instructor fees, Choreography, Regular Performances, Props/Costumes /Accessories, Website Maintenance, Liaison and Charity Performances etc.

Our choreographers are Mdm Shen Zhi Hua, Mr Dong Weimin, Miss Pameline Kang, Mr Bai Ying Wen, Miss Yang Jing Feng and achoc guest choreographers.


You can view Tampines Arts Troupe’s website at “” and “Give2Arts Tampines Arts Troupe”.  You can donate to help us maintain our Troupe by the following:’


  • You can go to the website “”,, for any amount comfortable to you. is manned by MCCY (Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth). They’ll send your donation to us and we’ll issue Official Receipt to you.


  • You can just make a cheque payable to “Tampines Arts Troupe” and we will also issue Official Receipt to you.  In January on the following year, we’ll submit your donation to IRAS (Income Tax dept) for 250% tax deduction.


We appeal to your kind support in any amount comfortable to you to help us make our Troupe and performance a success.  Your valuable support means a lot to us


Yours sincerely


Donate: Donate
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