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National Chinese Dance Choreographer in Taiwan


Chinese Dance Choreographer & Instructor in primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.  Mother of Chinese in Chinese Dance Troupes in Singapore.

An Accomplished Professional Dancer herself in ‘The Butterfly Lovers”, “Hua Mulan”, “Dream of the Red Chamber”, “Mdm White Snake” etc.


Appointed as People’s Association Dance Troupe Choreographer and choreographed countless works for People’s Association.

Appointed by Ministry of Culture as Choreographer and Cultural Ambassador in National Dance Company.  Choreographed numerous Classical works e.g., “Cowherd and the Maiden”, “Hua Mu Lan”, “Butterfly Lovers”, “Monkey God” “Long Scarf Dance”, “Drum Dance” etc.

Her 15 yrs with “Singapore Phoenix Dance Troupe” – choreographed many dance dramas “The Heavenly Match”, “The Mermaid”, “Mdm White Snake”, “The Sorm” etc.

Choreographer in National Theatre Dance Society, Jin Jiang Clan Associaion, Women’s Sport Council, The Police Academy, Chinese Dance Artist’s Association. Etc.

Her dedication in teaching in many schools including Maha Bodhi Primary, Nan Qiai Girls High, Cheng Jin primary, Yio Chu Kang Secondary, Hong Dao Secondary, Keng-A Khe Bong, Yishun JC.


Awarded Public Service Star by Singapore President Sheares in recognition to her contribution to dance.

Her choreography works were performed at the Istana, ASEAN Dance Festival and Arts Festivals overseas and in Singapore.


Formed Lee Shu Fen & Dancers Society in 1990 and later in 1997 changed its name to Tampines Arts Troupe.

Choreograhed Singapore dance drama “Homeland”, “Orchids”, “Dragon Maiden”, The Storm” , “Dream of the Red Chamber”, “Goddess of Mercy”, “Sword Dance”,  “Filial Piety”, “Long Scarf Dance”, “Butterfly Lovers”, “Fishing Village & Kampong Life”, “Xishi”,  etc. 


A Biography “A Life in Dance” published by Lee Shu Fen and Dancers Society for Mdm Lee Shu Fen.  This is supported by National Arts Council’s Documentation Grant.


At the age of 73, Mdm Lee Shu Fen performed “Classical Chinese Sword Dance” at Tampines Cultural Centre “Spring In Our Midst 1998” concert organized by Tampines Arts Troupe.

Television Interview for Mdm Lee Shu Fen and documented by Cultural Heritage Board.

Until 19/11/2012

Has been teaching Elder Group Dance Class.

Her latest works for Tampines Arts Troupe was “Xishi” performed on 2nd Sept 2012

Lee Shufen: TeamMember
Lee Shufen: Fan Gallery
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