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Liang Bin started performing arts education in Practice Performing Arts School (PPAS) in 1989. During his 18 years stay with the school, he performed in most of the school’s major performances and attended many classes including TanZiGong (Dance Gymnastics), Chinese Ethnic Dance, Ballet as well as Modern Dance. Apart from being a student, Liang Bin progressively took on roles as assistant instructor and eventually became an independent instructor of PPAS with experience teaching children as young as 4 years old. He is currently one of the instructors taking the children’s programme Play In Arts (2010 - present).

Joined People’s Association (PA) Talents Modern Dance Group in 2003 - 2014. Actively involved in Chingay Parades and many other showcases including National Day Parade, Sound Waves, and also represented Singapore for the Singapore Festival in ShangHai, China.

Liang Bin has been active in the performing arts circle and performed for many troupes and was invited to perform for Singapore Foochow Association WuJu Dance Troupe, Theatre Arts Troupe, as well as NUS Chinese Dance (2008 - present).

As an independent artist, he also took on projects such as Dance in SITU 2nd edition choreographed by Zhuo ZiHao and full length work “Look Up” choreographed by Ricky Hu SongWei (Hong Kong Ballet Company).

Co-founded XinYi Dance Company with Peter Teo and Ah Sen Hok Fen in 2015. The company participated and performed overseas events in Mauritius Chinese Culture Festival 2015 and Sibu International Dance Festival 2015, as well as putting up 3 full length dance productions to date.

Liang Bin 梁斌: TeamMember
Liang Bin 梁斌: Fan Gallery
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