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Immediate Past President

30 years ago in 1990, I registered this Troupe under “Lee Shu Fen & Dancers” and in 1997, changed the name to “Tampines Arts Troupe” to support Mdm Lee Shu Fen’s great choreography and her persevering effort for the next 22 years till her demise in November 2012.

For half a century, Mdm Lee had liven the dance training for teachers, dancers and interested learners. She was a professional dancer, educator and choreographer in Chinese dance.  She was a fast learner in Asian dances – Chinese, Indian, Russian, Japanese and Korean.  She was also a great teacher and dancer of ASEAN dances – Malay, Filipino, Indonesian, Thai & Singaporean.

Mdm Lee choreographed numerous Chinese Classical dance dramas – “Heavenly Match”, “Cowherd and Maiden”, “Butterfly Lovers”, “Mdm White Snake”, “Hua Mu-Lan”, “Dragon Maiden”, “Dream of the Red Chamber”, “Tang Dynasty Grandeur” etc.    Her other Chinese traditional items “Dun Huang Long Scarf dance”, “Xishi”, “Goddess of Mercy” were remarkable.   Her creative items “The Merry Couple”, “Magnificent Trio”, “Racial Harmony”, “The Storm”, “Filial Piety” etc were awe-inspiring.

Many years have passed and most students come and go as they are highly committed to their tertiary education, professions and career.  Those who founded Dance Schools have huge burden and responsibilities to uphold their careers and dance expressions.

Today, I am so happy to pass the baton to our new and competent President, Lu Yan.  She will bring this Troupe to new heights with her team of enthusiastic and passion-filled members.  They will appeal to our new generation of dance art lovers and will attract them to dance with us.

I will continue to uphold and support this Troupe in terms of administration and objective to:

  1. Preserve and promote Chinese Classical, Ethnic, Ballet and Creative dance

  2. Provide a platform for exhibition of music and dance

  3. Organize courses and workshops to better understand and enhance performing skills

We have a team of choreographers – Mdm Shen Zhi Hua, Mr Bai Ying Wen, Mr Dong Weimin, Yang Jing Feng and Miss Pameline Kang to continue the legacy of preserving Chinese dance, Ballet and new creations.  In “Dance Attraction 2017 & 2019”, we have featured Mongolian, Tibetan, Korean, Xinjiang, Jasmine in addition to “Flower Waltz”, “Retrospection” & “The Crescent Moon”, “White-Hair Girl” etc.

It is our dream to nurture our people to appreciate the finer aspects of life.  I am confident that we can train interested members to a healthy cultural blossom!

Congratulations and Move On!

Ms Annabelle Lim Yan Lee   林盈逦: 團隊成員
Ms Annabelle Lim Yan Lee   林盈逦: Fan Gallery
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