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Ms. Shen,zhihua was selected to enter the Shanghai Dance Academy in China at the age of 13. She graduated from the Ballet department at the age of 19 in 1966 and became a ballerina in Shanghai Ballet.  During in Shanghai Ballet for more than ten years, she participate Chinese Ballet "White-haired Girl" “Red Women’s Army” “Liberation war of Miao” and classical ballet “Swan Lake” “Copperia” etc as well as Chinese folk dance.

  Start 1973, she was teaching at the Shanghai Dance School for two years. In 1975, she was officially transferred to the Shanghai Ballet director group as one of directors. In that period, she participated in the Spring of Shanghai Music with her works, include: “Pine praise”, “Haiyan”, “Hope”, “Farewell My Concubine” and so on.

 In 1984, she settled in Singapore and became a Singapore citizen in 1992. He has served as a teacher and choreographer at the National Dance Company, the Southern Art Research Association, and the Nanyang Art Institute. Also teaches in Singapore's primary and secondary schools, CCA dance teachers. She used to be the artistic director, and choreographer, of the Singapore Tampines Art Troupe, and was responsible for the biennial "Dance in Call" dance special.

The works of more than 30 years of work are roughly as follows:

1.The National Dance Company: "Farewell My Concubine”, “Hundred Birds seeing Phoenix”, “Golden Peacock," participated in the ASEAN Art Festival in 1986 in 1988.

2. Singapore Dance Festival: Grand Prize Works: “瑶家抒怀”

3. The Chinese Dance Art Association Heming Dance Party: “梅花吟”“拔苗助长”

4. The Southern Art Research Association: "Bow Dance”, “Tea Dance”, “Better tomorrow”, “Kangding Love Song”, “Time”, “Haze".

5. The large group dance of the Weizai Festival: “Give a helping hand in Circle of Life”

6. Singapore's primary and secondary school youth festival winning works: Gold Award: "The same childhood”, “In the rain”, “Cut window flowers”, “Lazy cat fishing”, “Bird speak”, “Happy orchard” etc.

Silver Award: "Winter and summer”, “The daughter of the sea”, “Flying to space”, “Red apples”, “Dai chicks”, “Jasmine”, “Rhododendrons”, Happy skiing” etc."

7. Tampines Art Troupe: "Blue Sky”, “White Clouds”, “Kitty Cats”, “We won’t  grow up”, “Sisters Stroll around Lanterns”, “Spring Melody”, “Flower Dance”, “Miss”, “Spanish Dance”, “Swan Lake”, “Curved Moon”, “Moonlight Waltz” etc.

8. In 2015, published the novel "Dance Shoes Speaking" in Singapore. In 2016, China Huazhong University of Science and Technology bought the copyright and reissued it in China in May 2016.

Shen Zhihua: 團隊成員
Shen Zhihua: Pro Gallery
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