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As an accomplished dancer and choreographer with international teaching and performance experience, Yang Jing Feng has taught, coached and choreographed various Chinese and Contemporary dance groups in the United States, Singapore and China for the past 14years. Helping more than 10 schools and institutions in Singapore receive Gold (with Honors) Awards in Singapore Festival of Arts, Singapore Youth Festival and Chingay since 2007, Ms. Yang is also an experienced and dedicated dance instructor with solid specialized knowledge as well as rich teaching and coaching skills. In her early career, she also represented China in many overseas performances as well as Beijing Dance Academy in many major international events. Ms. Yang received her professional training in Beijing Dance Academy, where she obtained her Degree in Education and Performance of Chinese Ethnic Dance Major.

杨静枫女士有着在各国教学和表演的经历。她指导和编创的各种风格的舞蹈,曾先后在中国,新加坡和美国广受好评。在过去的14年里,她指导和帮助过十多所学校和团体在新加坡青年节和国际性的舞蹈节上获得最高荣誉;也曾多次受邀参与创作美国宾夕法尼亚大学的舞蹈晚会。杨女士是一位经验丰富和专业的舞蹈老师,她拥有扎实的专业知识以及丰富的教学和指导技能。 在她早期的职业生涯中,曾多次代表北京舞蹈学院参与海内外演出。 杨女士毕业于北京舞蹈学院中国民族民间舞系,并获得学士学位。

Yang Jing Feng 杨静枫: Our Team
Yang Jing Feng 杨静枫: Fan Gallery
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